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Postby GUEST » Mon 22 Aug, 2005 08:55

I am on my 6th time filling my 24' above ground, The question is
do the walls move or "buckle" upon filling until the water reaches
a certain level? The side posts are level, the base level but it seems
that the liner is pulling the top in and i'm getting some severe buckling
on some areas,is this typical until the levels reach enough height,sort of
like an expanding ballon? or should I stop imediately.


Liner problem

Postby Cyber36 » Mon 22 Aug, 2005 12:45

Hi! Do you have an overlap or a J-bead liner??

Postby GEUST » Tue 23 Aug, 2005 11:28


Liner Problem

Postby Cyber36 » Wed 24 Aug, 2005 12:21

How many inches of excess liner are there? (measure from inside bottom of end-cap to edge of liner). Also need to know the diameter of pool!

Postby guest » Tue 27 Sep, 2005 13:22

24' round, the liner has a pre-formed lip that fits over the wall
and the cove fits over that. Do Liners shrink?

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