Putting a out ground pool inground

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Putting a out ground pool inground

Postby Pool guy no 3456 » Wed 06 Dec, 2006 04:24

i was wandering if somone could tell me if it is possible to put a outground pool , inground(half in half out) just wandering if anyone has done this and what did they fill it with.

:D thanks :D

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Postby Pool Owner » Sat 09 Dec, 2006 02:16

Pool guy no 3456, yes you can but really what you need to do is create a stable “hole” to put you above ground pool into. You will need to have some type of retaining wall/structure to keep the adjacent soil from collapsing in on your pool. You should have adequate drainage under the pool to prevent water accumulation in the hole. You need to make sure you have adequate access to all equipment and/or fittings for the circulation system. If you are in an area that may have animals that would like to live/nest in the hole around your pool, you will need to prevent them from getting in and/or make it uninviting for them.

I would not recommend just burying an above ground pool in the earth. Sooner or later the adjacent soil pressure will exceed the pool water pressure and begin to collapse the walls. This can happen quickly if the pool is ever emptied of water. The pool walls are not constructed to be constantly exposed to moist soil and will rust, corrode and/or decay at an accelerated pace. However, I’m sure someone out there has done it this way and may have a success story to share.
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