Best and most reliable salt water chlorinator.

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Best and most reliable salt water chlorinator.

Postby shergald » Mon 22 Aug, 2005 19:19

Everytime you look for reviews or recommendations about the best and most reliable salt water chlorination system, a company rep comes on board and does a sales pitch. Does anyone have any experience to offer a comparative judgment on systems available in the USA? Or has anyone had very good or bad experiences with a single system?

The Watermaid is allegedly good, but it is twice the cost of cheaper systems, and who is to say that two cheaper systems might not last longer. Thanks.

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Postby vaughanwilliams » Tue 23 Aug, 2005 16:51

Many people drive Fords and many people drive Mercedes. 2 Fords may well last longer than 1 Mercedes.

Do you think that argument will convert the Mercedes owners?

It's not about lasting "longer" it's about performing during it's lifetime.

When the days are long and sunny, and the kids are piddling in the pool, the cheaper chlorinators give up, while the Watermaid keeps on truckin'.

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Postby lunaticfringe » Thu 12 Apr, 2007 12:22

Pentair's Intellichlor is the most durable and most user-friendly

Postby Me... » Fri 27 Apr, 2007 11:22

I used to enjoy posting in forums on various topics, but got away from it. Well I just decided to find out what was out there again and here I am.

Basically any of the salt systems should work the same depending on cell output and options. What will vary is the owners ability/desire to properly maintain chemistry and more importantly how well the pool is constructed and BONDED.

People that know me like to tag me as someone who is down on Salt Systems. I am not, but I don't think it is the way to go. For about the same capitol cost you can put in a good but inexpensive controller that will ALSO do the pH and a pump to add liquid chlorine as needed. Many more variables to pool chemistry but the simple liquid feed systems have them all beat.

Postby aGrandma » Wed 02 May, 2007 22:59

Having grown up with a liquid chlorine pool and now having a salt chlorinated pool, I much prefer the salt chlorination system. Liquid chlorine bleaches and ruins clothes (swim suits rot), and anyone who swims with blond hair knows it turns their hair green. Plus the chlorine smell is strong and makes people sick, and you can feel it in the water.
The salt chlorinated pool water never smells like chlorine, our suits last all summer, and our blond family members stay blond all summer too.
I have never heard of a system that releases automatically liquid chlorine. I'd like to know more about that. If it only releases a tiny amount of chlorine at a time, maybe the result is like my salt chlorine pool water?
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Postby howzball » Thu 03 May, 2007 17:46

There are pumps that inject sodium hypo. into your pool, these normally are connected to an electronic device that reads your Cl - pH levels constantly and adjusts as needed.

They're expensive as you might guess, and in my experience aren't totally reliable. Our locations pumps run 24 - 7 and more than once we have showed up for work in the AM and found half of a 50 gallon drum of Sodium Hypo pumped into the pool. That's no fun :cry:
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Postby new user » Sat 05 May, 2007 18:42

We have a Jandy Aqua Pure. It was GREAT last summer, our first summer. I always swam in chlorine pools, waht a wonderful difference salt is!

Aqua Rite + Nature 2 Professional G

Postby mammoth » Sun 24 Jun, 2007 12:37

Could you use the Aqua Rite Salt Water Chlorinator along with the Nature 2 System? Or would be that overkill and just wasting money on the N2 cartridges?

I have a professional G installed on my pool and converting over to the Aqua Rite salt water chlorinator and was just wondering if I shut cut the N2 system out?

Best and most reliable salt water chlorinator.

Postby Steve618 » Sun 18 Aug, 2013 08:45

Has anyone ever tried the ecosmarte pool system? If so, please post your reviews.

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