New Grey Plaster, Big Spot

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New Grey Plaster, Big Spot

Postby Guest » Mon 11 Dec, 2006 15:51

I just had my pool replastered and had it done in grey. One area of the pool has a large stain where they put the hose to fill up the pool after it was plastered. The pool contractor drained the pool and did an acid wash to get rid of the stain. However, the same area has the stain and it has not changed even with the acid wash. My pool person says that the stain is from where the pool filling process washed off the plaster in that area. The Pool Contractor is still sticking by his story that it is mottling. But I proclaim, why hasn't mottling occured in the rest of the pool as well. It is a large white stain. Any help would be appreciated. My pool person says that I should not pay the last bill, until they make it right. Mottling is usually apparent throughout the pool. Does anyone have a suggestion of where to look on the website for pics. of what it should look like on a grey pool?

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Postby geeman » Sun 24 Dec, 2006 08:19

water spots on a grey pool are usually darker, not lighter. If the plaster was worn away you would see brown gunite. If it was the white plaster cream on top of the gray plaster, then the acid should have removed it. Suggest to your plasterer that he tries to sand the area with an underwater sander or a 3M sanding pad. Try not to drain the pool again or acid wash again, plaster doesn't like either of these. I've sanded away dark water stains on gray plaster numerous times with much success. And don't worry, it doesn't sand off a lot of plaster.

Remember, mottling is a part of colored plasters and a contractor can't pick and choose where and when it shows up. That's what makes it naturally beautiful.

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