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solar cover reels

Postby Guest » Tue 23 Aug, 2005 05:10

I have a 20x40 inground pool. The problem I am having is I have been through 2 reels in 2 years. They just dont seem to hold the wait of the cover. After a while the reel starts to sag and the legs toe out and the reel gets wobbley and eventually breaks. Are there any good reels out there other than commercial reels and spending $1,000 dollars on. Thanks.


20x40 pool - looking for a reel

Postby Guest » Thu 04 May, 2006 20:34

hey everyone - we're new to pool ownership and need a solar cover and reel... would love a reel that would fit under the diving board and support the weight of a 20x40 cover. any ideas?

thanks so much!

ps... also, should we get a basic cover or pay the big $$ for one with aluminum backing?

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