Leaking grout?

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The Chlorinator

Leaking grout?

Postby The Chlorinator » Wed 20 Dec, 2006 22:29

Is it possible for the grout between the tiles to begin leaking? I've used A+B Putty to seal a few leaks in my spa, along with much of the vertical grouting, and have plugged the spa jets that I suspect are leaking. This slowed the leak by about half, but the pool is still losing water. 15,000 gallon gunite/plaster pool with attached spa. Dye test reveals no other inlets/outlets leaking. Pump has not been run in several days because I want to find the static leaks before pursuing pressure leaks. Dye test shows grout will "grab" the dye. Multiply that by the number of grout lines and that may explain the water loss. Bucket test confirms pool is leaking up to two inches in 24 hours. Has anyone had a similar experience?


Postby Guest » Mon 25 Dec, 2006 22:53

yes, cracked bondbeam behind tiles could cause it. try to rule out if it is the tiles by lowering water level beolw the tiles & see still leaks.
The Chlorinator

Postby The Chlorinator » Wed 27 Dec, 2006 21:15

I used A+B Putty on many of the vertical grout joints in the spa, where the leeking seems to be worst. Also puttied several horizontal joints. In the process I found and patched a few small holes. Before doing this the spa would lose water faster than the pool. Now, the spa loses water to the bottom of the tiles and stops, but the pool continues to lose water, though not as fast. I will do the same with the pool grout lines and see what happens.

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