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Pool replastering

Postby Colletta » Wed 10 Jan, 2007 11:24

We reside in Georgia and recently had a pool person come out and evaluate the pool. He state that we have a leak in the bottom of the pool which he showed to us , and ordert to correct the problem we should have it sandblasted(to remove paint) and replastered.. The pool is gunite 16x32 and is approxiametly 20 years old. We have decided to have the job done but would like to know some steps to take before investing dollars


Postby Guest » Thu 11 Jan, 2007 10:31

Ask them if you could look at some of their previous customomer's jobs.
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Postby Pool Owner » Wed 17 Jan, 2007 02:45

After 20 years, unfortunately, replastering does not sound completely out of the question. . If you have not yet done so, check your local library for books on the subject of pool maintenance/construction to see if there is one you like. I have a short review of a few books on my blog (noted below). While it is very large, I think you will find “The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual” a good choice. There is a whole chapter on “Special Procedures” which includes replastering. Since it is almost 700 pages, you need to use it like these pool bulletin boards, search for the information you need and only read the part that covers your problem.
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Pool replastering

Postby LorDouMal » Thu 16 Jul, 2009 11:47

I have a question-
My pool is 3 years old. Recently we started noticing large brown spots in the bottom of the pool and the plaster is starting to bubble up and come off in the spa and in the pool. I consulted the builder who put the pool in and they sent out a plaster specialist who told us that the reason this was happening was due to lack of care an maintenance on our end. We have been diligent about keeping our pool clean and the chemicals up. What else could hve caused this?
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Pool replastering

Postby mr_clean » Fri 17 Jul, 2009 11:59

they could be right but if you have kept chemicals correct then there are a few things that could be happening.

the brown spots could be iron in the water so taking a sample of pool water to pool store & having it tested will let you know more. Using a sequestering agent that removes the metals in the water will help with the spots. Know, just adding it to the water does not mean the spots are going away as you will need to scrub the spots alot and in some cases lower the PH level to 6.5-6.8 range to get results. It really depends on how deep the stain has gone into the plaster.
Another thing causing spots could be the rebarb that is in the gunite cement shell that the plaster is on and it is leaking through the plaster.
You say in the spa there is some plaster popping off leaving holes and your pool is 3yrs old? or is the replaster job 3yrs old? I see many people get a replaster job and the pool builder does not strip the plaster and only acidwashes it and addes a new thin coat of plaster which can cause this problem.
You can call a few different pool builders in your area have them come over for a possible replaster bid that should be free and see what they tell you about the problem.
or contact the PB owner and let them know your going to take further action as you should have some kind of warranty that came with the pool when job was done. Check your paper work to know more.

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