Newly built pool losing 1 inch each day

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Newly built pool losing 1 inch each day

Postby Lynn » Thu 18 Jan, 2007 05:05

My new pool is losing water at the rate of 1 inch per day. After approximately 10 days the level stops at halfway across the lights that is below all skimmers, hose entry etc. This is without using the pump.

Opinions please - could it be the lights leaking? There is no obvious water showing around the pool. I have not tiled the surrounding area and it is still earth/sand and easy to dig out. The Spanish company who built it say that it is normal evaporation.

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Postby dynamictiger » Thu 18 Jan, 2007 15:55

The pool lights are most likely leaking.

To finally prove it is not evaporation do an evaporation test, or better yet tell the pool builder to do an evaporation test on the condition you pay if it passes they pay if it fails.

1: Fill ice cream container about 1/2 fill with water and mark the level

2: Fill the pool and mark the level

3: Float container in pool

4: Wait 24 hours

5: Check the container water level against the pool water level, if the pool has dropped more than the container you have a static leak. If not repeat the test with the equipmnet running.


Postby Guest » Fri 19 Jan, 2007 00:20

sounds like leaky light conduit to me. If it was evaporation, water will continue to drop. I would drain partly & stuff piece of plastic inside light conduit with a screwdriver & get some 2-epoxy from your local pool store & seal over conduit hole.

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