Pump or Filter problem

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Pump or Filter problem

Postby antony » Sun 21 Jan, 2007 13:58

Dear All,

I got dark green color in my pool, so I drain out the water around 90% , and then I turn off the pump, and wish to restart again, finally, it could not restart. I check some web site which adv me that NO to drain out all the water from pool. And then I refill all the water. Clean my filter.

However, when I turn on again the pump, it sounds like normal, it it doesn't work. I don't know how should I do? I will be very appreciated for your help.

Thank you!!

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Postby dynamictiger » Sun 21 Jan, 2007 16:14

I think you are a new owner.

This being the case you probably haven't primed the pump basket.

Extract from Pool Care Basics 101 from www (dot) poolindustrysecrets (dot) com free ebook on pool care.

1.1.1 Cleaning the Pre-Pump Strainer
Tools and / or Equipment Required
Silicon O-Ring Grease.
The pump must be stopped before removing the pot lid.

The basket removal sequence is as follows:
1. Stop the pump.
2. Close the pump discharge valve if fitted
3. Close the pump suction valve if fitted to assist in preventing drop of prime.
4. Undo the lid.
5. Remove the lid.
6. Remove the basket.
7. Clean the basket.
To replace the basket, apply this procedure in reverse, after applying a smear of silicon O-Ring Grease to the lid O-Ring. Then:
8. Fill lint strainer with water.
Cautions and / or Warnings
1. The clear lids are fragile and will break if mishandled.
2. O-Ring grease increases the operating life of the O-Rings.
3. Rough handling will stretch the O-Ring and shorten its operational life.
Expected Outcome
Unimpeded flow to the pump at all times.
Inspect and clean as required.
1.1.2 Priming a Pump 1
Tools and / or Equipment Required
Bucket of water
1. Follow the procedure for cleaning the pre-pump strainer
2. Fill the pre-pump strainer as full as possible
3. After replacing the lid, start the pump
4. After 3 minutes there should be no air visible in the top of the pre-pump strainer
Cautions and / or Warnings
1. Running the pump longer than 3 minutes without water will damage the seal and may cause other damage
Expected Outcome
Adequate water flow at all times.
As required.

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