free chlorine and stablizer

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free chlorine and stablizer

Postby tazy6455 » Thu 01 Sep, 2005 17:37

I don't know the difference between, free chlorine and stablizer. My dip stick reads free chlorine is too high and stablizer is too low. What does this mean and how do I correct it. :!:


Chem Balance

Postby Cyber36 » Fri 02 Sep, 2005 12:00

Sounds to me like your using too much chlorine, wether it be liquid or solid. Free chlorine is the difference between the amount of it your pool water actually needs or uses, & what is left over at that point. Stabilizer is used to condition your water so it holds a chlorine residual for a longer peroid of time/ slower burn-off or gassing effect from direct sunlight. Stop adding anything right now except for your weekly doses of shock & algacide. Chemicals should balance out in 2-3 days.......

Response to answer

Postby tazy6455 » Fri 02 Sep, 2005 15:46

Thank you, I'll try it.

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