Pressure guage reads extremely high

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Pressure guage reads extremely high

Postby barry » Tue 06 Feb, 2007 13:11

I have a 17'x33' inground pool which is approx 3 years old. The pressure typically hovers around 20-25psi. However, suddenly, the pressure guage shows the pressure at 50-60psi. I backwashed several minutes, but, after switching back to "filter" mode, the pressure is STILL the same. I'm not very knowledgable about how the pool system works so any advice is appreciated!

thanks in advance

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Postby Pool Owner » Tue 27 Feb, 2007 10:24

If your flow back into your pool does not appear to be diminished, you probably just have a gauge that has gone bad. If the gauge has a reading when the pump is off, it is very likely a gauge that has gone bad. Generally speaking, the gauges used on filters are some of the least expensive available because precision is not needed; therefore, do not be surprised if it only last a year or two. A new one should cost less than $10 at your local pool supply place or hardware store (harder to find at hardware store). If the flow does seem off, something is wrong in your return side downstream of the filter (e.g., heater, chlorinator, valves, clogged pipe, etc.). You will have to trouble shoot the return system and/or contact a pool professional.
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