My pool is empty

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My pool is empty

Postby Bill » Wed 14 Feb, 2007 14:46

Last summer I knew I had a leak in my in ground pool some place but had not found it when I closed the pool in the fall. Now it is Feb and in the single digits. My pool cover collased into the pool last night due to heavy snow and lack of water in the pool. The pool is almost empty!

Do I need to pump some water in it to keep things in place or just wait till spring. I'm expecting the liner is going to be shot but is there other damage I can expect?


pool empty

Postby mary » Wed 21 Feb, 2007 14:23

Sorry, I have no answer, but can only sympathize because the same thing happened to me. I figure it must be the drain because the liner was in very good condition when we closed the pool. I'm not looking forward to finding an honest repairman to do the work, and expect that it will cost in the thousands of dollars.

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