Sand coming out of the Outlet pipes into the pool

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Sand coming out of the Outlet pipes into the pool

Postby JonD » Thu 15 Feb, 2007 02:34

Had no problems for several years, now sand has come from the outlet pipes from the pumpining/filtration unit, and the Barracuda vacuum unit has stopper vibrating/moving. Have backwashed, cleaned all baskets etc and seems to be very strong suction. Replaced rubber valve in vacuum unit to no avail. Any ideas? Vacuum seems to work for a couple of minutes if you shake it, but soon stops.

Eric Smethurst

sand returning through the impulsors.

Postby Eric Smethurst » Thu 15 Feb, 2007 03:53

I had the same trouble which I think was caused by fine sand particles in the filter. I backwashed thoroughly to waste. I vacumed the sand in the pool to waste by passing the filter. I replaced the rubber seal in the selector vave and all is well now.
If you don't backwash long enough then the fines do not get disposed of either. Failing all this you will have to inspect the sand as it may need changing. If it has a slimy feel change it. It should be quite grainy to feel between the finger tips.
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Postby dynamictiger » Thu 15 Feb, 2007 16:01

JanD you have not said your filter is sand. Assuming it is, if the sand is worse after backwashing you most likely have a broken lateral.

A sand change and lateral set should fix this up.


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