Is there any hope of lowering this?

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Is there any hope of lowering this?

Postby enablebud » Fri 02 Mar, 2007 11:30

I work for a non profit agency and we have a therapy pool of about 35,000 gallons. This pool has a computer regulated temp of 93 degrees and that same controller controls the chlorine levels and the c02 tank that regulates the pH.

Everything is at board of health recommendations (3.0 for chl, 7.5 for pH) with the exception of TA which is around 220. We have tried putting four gallons of muratic acid in the pool but it had little or no effect on the pool TA. Our water coming in is around 100 from what I understand.

Thanks again for any suggestions you might have.

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Postby dynamictiger » Fri 02 Mar, 2007 16:08

CO2 gas is supposed to destroy as much alkalinity as it creates, in theory anyway. Unfortunately in practice this is not the case - sort of.

From the research and analysis I have done the culprit appears to be the liquid chlorine and or the granular chlorine. Both these chlorines are stabilised with a hydroxide of some sort and this interrupts the CO2 reaction causing a gain in TA.

It can be corrected however I need to know a lot more about the pool and plant. Specifically I need to know the pool volume, whether there is a heater in the system and if so what HEX is on it, any steel components and what they are and what metals are involved.

Could you please email me from the profile and I'll try and drag out my training course for CO2 pool operators.

Postby enablebud » Fri 02 Mar, 2007 23:11

I will get you that information on Monday morning and I thank you for your time.

What i know off the top of my head is there is in fact a heater, that has the temp at a consistent 93. We are using liquid chlorine. 35,000 gallons of water.

other than that I will have to wait until Monday when I am near the system to respond.

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