above ground question

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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above ground question

Postby phils94850 » Sun 04 Mar, 2007 10:50

i have a muskin 24'x52" round above ground pool thats about 6yrs old. I noticed i have some rust around and coming down from the return hole in the wall. Im planning on repairing that by riveting in a new piece of panel overtop in the rusted area i was told thats about all you can do.

MY REAL WORRY.... since the pool is older and its been moved 3 times i worry because my backyard slopes pretty bad and if anything ever happed and the pool collapsed i would flood out my neighbors below me. it worried me enough i drained the pool over the winter.

i was thinking of making some type of retaining wall but i dont know what or how to do it and was needing some advice. thank you for any help !! am i worrying to much ????

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