Losing water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Losing water

Postby blue65classic » Sun 04 Mar, 2007 17:57

New to the forum, Have an inground pool with vinyl liner. Been losing water for the past 2 summers. Can't find any water around the pool, turned everthing off and covered this past summer, just pull cover off and water stops just above the light, this is below the skimmer and the jets. Noticed last year every time I turned the pool light on it would trip the GFI. Ever since I had a new liner installed this seems to have started. also I'm getting air bubblies in the jets. Had a company come out but they say everything is OK I don't think so. Sorry for all the questions just don't know what to do next



Postby ncspaman » Wed 07 Mar, 2007 19:33

My 1st rule in a liner pool is check the liner first. Easily done with a good mask. check all the corners first. then run a search pattern covering the whole liner. But, since you said it seems to stop just above the light you can get some 2 part under water epoxie and seal the light conduit. Its a cheep try. If your into it use some food coloring and if it is the conduit it should draw the dye into the conduit.

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