Pebble tech price range

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Pebble tech price range

Postby tl » Sun 04 Mar, 2007 23:59

What is the ballpark price range for refinishing a plaster pool 16x32x8 to pebble tech?

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Pebble Tec pricing

Postby poolnerd » Tue 06 Mar, 2007 19:34

Where are you located? Pricing varies, sometimes dramatically, by region. I'd suggest you visit the Pebble Tec website, pebbletec(dot)com. There's a link on the home page to find a builder or installer in your area.

In this area (Southern California) pricing is calculated by perimeter and/or surface area of the pool, and there are three different price levels, depending on the color you pick -- Tahoe Blue and Caribbean Blue are the most popular colors among my clients. Anyway, if we figure an 85 ft perimeter on your pool, I'd hazard a guess that, around here, you'd be in the $3500-4500 range. But, like I said, things vary widely by area.

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