New pool owner.......please help!!!

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New pool owner.......please help!!!

Postby steq184 » Wed 07 Sep, 2005 15:12

Have nearly finished putting our new 15 foot wooded pool together, we'll be using a sand filter, 9kw heater and in line auto sanitizer.
Once it's built the problems will really start as I have NO idea how to run it. We have a hot tub, I put 3 Bromine tablets in a floating mushroom shaped thing and when they get around half way I put in 3 more. Simple.....but the pools another story, what do I put in the auto sanitizer? I've read about little tablets, large tablets, shocking etc etc.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. The children are counting on you helping me!!!

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Swimming pool maintenance

Postby Pool Helper » Thu 19 Jan, 2006 07:56

Could you give some more info about the inline "auto-sanitizer". Is it a chlorinator, cartridge or some kind of electrical device?

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