Blistering plaster

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Blistering plaster

Postby willyd » Mon 12 Mar, 2007 11:16


The plaster of the top step of my pool is blistering and possibly causing the pool leak (can't really find the leak until this problem is resolved). What is the best method of repairing this? Where can I buy the supplies to replaster this step? From reading the forums, I believe I need to do the following:
1. remove blisters, chipped plaster, etc.
2. sand smooth, feathering edges
3. apply a "bondcoat"
a. don't know where to buy
b. can I use an epoxy based product, can someone suggest a product
4. trowel on plaster coat
a. what is the best product to use
b. where can I buy the product

BTW, this is a 18'x35' "white" inground gunite pool.

Thank you,

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Blistering plaster

Postby geeman » Thu 29 Mar, 2007 17:35

a hole in your plaster on the steps will not cause your pool to leak. i would look elsewhere for the leak.

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