Baqua Pure Filter Low Pressure

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Baqua Pure Filter Low Pressure

Postby pebbles3630 » Sat 17 Mar, 2007 19:13

Hello all, I am kind of new to the pool thing. I moved into a house last Sept. and the pool was already establised and running fine. We winterized the pool and just opened it back up today with new sand and all. The gauge is reading between 3-5 on low and about 10 on high, I put all the pump stuff in my shed for the winter so I do not know what could be wrong? Is it because my filter is so clean? Please advise me.....

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Postby dynamictiger » Sun 18 Mar, 2007 15:08

Those readings maybe correct for your system. It is a little difficult to be sure.

If everything seems to be running okay and you are not having issues with water quality I would accept this as normal operation for this system.


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