cyanuric acid

What is floc, clarifier, stabilizer, cyanuric acid,
algaecide, brightener, dichlor, sodium hypo,
sodium bisulfate, ....??

cyanuric acid

Postby idiotowner » Mon 19 Sep, 2005 11:13

I pput a new vinyl pool in this spring. Shocked weekly, used 3intabs about 3per week (30000gal. pool). and everything looks great. suddenly got a bit of algae, that would keep coming back. Had water tested and they say I have 112ppm of cyanuric acid and pool is in chlorine lock. I never checked this level. My stupid test strip doesnt have it. What the heck went wrong, what are my options now. Help


cyanuric acid

Postby idiotOwner » Tue 20 Sep, 2005 14:27

Me again. My cyanuric acid is 95ppm and I was told to close for winter after I balance everything else-then use non stable clhlorine tabs. Anyone hate this idea?

Cya - stabilizer

Postby Guest » Thu 22 Sep, 2005 15:27

Makes logical sense to use unstabilized chlorine as your pool water has reached the upper limit for stabilizer.

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