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sollar heater

Postby Froggy » Tue 20 Mar, 2007 16:17

WOW- I like this idea,of a pool forum!

I have a house we bought 3 years ago. beautifull pool. The problem is, We loose the sun around 4-5PM. We are north of Boston.

Any way Honey is itchen' for a longer season (pool hit 80 deg twice last year.. Booo!)
The previous owners had a "HELIO sollar system" installed. Then removed it to do the roof before the sale.

We have all the parts, controllers etc. Some small parts will need to be replaced, I have the books so not a problem.

I can't find anyone to re-install it. I Emailed the MFG. and they send some names.. But none seem interested. I don't want the liability (roof leaks etc.)
1 HP pump- should I continue looking or just go with a natural gas heater?
I don't want that exspence.

Oppinions are welcome! Thank you.

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Postby dynamictiger » Wed 21 Mar, 2007 15:43

It seems odd the manufacturer sends you a list of contractors who don't want the job.

Is it too small for the contractors to be interested?

I think I would call the manufacturer again and tell them you are having trouble getting a contractor to help fit it, and that you would appreciate their help as you do not want to replace their product.


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