Attempting to empty swimming pool - not working !

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Attempting to empty swimming pool - not working !

Postby SpainPool » Fri 23 Mar, 2007 11:18

Someone help me out please!!

I have just moved into my new house with a Pool. The water was filthy, so I was told to "Floc" the water. Did this, but then decided it was too much trouble hoovering it all out, so decided to empty the Pool and start again.

Two thirds of the way through emptying, and it suddenly won't empty no more! I have been told there could be an airlock, the drain at the bottom of the Pool could be blocked, and that also I need to turn off the higher skimmer of the two. This is not from any expert, just a friend. Unfortunately, none of the slide valves are marked up, and I know nothing regarding Swimming Pool filteration, so am at a loss.

I am severly considering just tipping concrete into the Pool and making it a Basketball Court, it is doing my head in!!

Can someone PLEASE help me as to why it won't empty?

Many thanks!



Postby Guest » Sat 24 Mar, 2007 16:47

not a pool expert by any means, but i believe you should shut off the main valve leading to the skimmer in order for the main drain, at the bottom of the pool to completely suck up the water.

blockage could also prevent this but I seriously doubt it, unless you have a lot of debris at the bottom.

also, unless you have concrete/tile pool you should keep water in it. vinyl covering will sag and peel off without water holding it.

Emptying pool

Postby Viv » Sun 13 May, 2007 19:10

You can use a sump pump to empty the pool. We have used this in cases of extreme rain downpours to keep the pool from overflowing. We have emptied our vinyl liner pool several times for various reasons and refilled it. We have even reset the liner (using a vacuum to suck all the air out between the pool and liner) and then refilled. If you have small wrinkles a clean toliet plunger will help get them out providing the water and liner are WARM (almost impossible to do cold!) Everyone will say you can't do it but DH and I have and it can be done. It is around 3,000 to have a liner replaced so it is well worth your time to learn! As long as you do not let the liner just sit without water for any long length of time it will be fine.

The pool will be an enjoyment when you learn how to care for it and get the bugs out and learn a system of caring for it. Remember to stay calm and just ask questions when problems arrive and you will get it! Imagine that clear blue water on a hot day.... :D NO basketball court can feel as good!! Good luck!

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