Losing water constantly, 1-2 inches per week last summer

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Losing water constantly, 1-2 inches per week last summer

Postby aloha288 » Sat 24 Mar, 2007 06:04

Live in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), temperature could be cooler at night.
Concrete pool 20 years old.
3 new things happened last summer which could have cause the problem (?) :
1) Got convinced by the pool company to sandblast the pool. Then repaired some of the cracks, and repainted.
2) Pool had no drain. So he suggested to did a whole, put in a jaccuzy drain, because when emptying the pool to clean and repaint, it safer to open the drain, in case of ground water...danger of lifting the concrete pool (?), he said
3) Last summer, I started to use a salt water chlorinator. Does salty water evaporate more ?

Which of the 3 above would be the most suspicious cause ?

Thanks. Joseph.

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Postby dynamictiger » Sat 24 Mar, 2007 17:51

Salt water does not evaporate more.

The most suspicious is the drain valve. Hydrostatic valves are a little well known for leaking.

Prove you have a leak by doing an evaporative test on the pool without the plant running.

Simply mark the water level in the pool and mark a witness vessel as well. The witness should sit in the water to be sure it is the same temperature.

After 24 hours measure the difference between your marks and water levels. If the witness is different to the pool you probably have a leak.

If the leak is worse when the pool is full and slows down as the level drops this suggests the leak is affected by the head pressure of the water.

If you can dive, take some pHenol Red (#2 solution) and gently squirt it around the drain when the plant is not running and see if water is tracking into it.


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