help there are black dots in my pool

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help there are black dots in my pool

Postby pamela » Tue 20 Sep, 2005 18:32

i'm afraid some bug larvae have attached themselves to the side and bottom of my beautiful pool. the sunny sideof the pool is covered in black dots. they are stuck on, so i'm pretty sureit isn't dirt, and a vigorous scrubbing will shake them loose, but i'm not into swimming with worms or bugs or anything creepty crawly. we've had the pool since april, started seeing this when it started cooling down about a week ago. we have solar pool heat and a salt chlorination system. any ideas.

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Black Algae

Postby vaughanwilliams » Sat 24 Sep, 2005 22:59

I'd guess you might have Black Algae taking hold. You need to know and if it is, you need help. Get it looked at asap.

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