what if I can't open my pool this season?

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Pool Newbie
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what if I can't open my pool this season?

Postby carl19 » Sun 25 Mar, 2007 11:46

Have been a pool owner for many years, but this year have had some physical problems, and won't be able to use or take care of my pool. Would appreciate any advice concerning how to proceed. Specifically, what I should do to the pool so that next spring it can be opened without having been totally ruined because I didn't open it this year.

grateful for help
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Swimming Pool Wizard
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Postby geeman » Thu 29 Mar, 2007 17:30

unbalanced water can damage a pool but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. if it is a plastered pool make sure that you at least try to keep the water level up to the tile line so that the plaster is covered for the season to reduce check cracking. If your lines are plugged up well it should keep water from entering them so that you won't have to re-close the pool next fall. you could try to add some chlorine on a weekly basis to keep algae growth in check but i would recommend that you make an attempt to brush the pool to circulate the water afterwards. sorry to hear about your health, best wishes.

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