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adding pool water

Postby jtb » Fri 23 Sep, 2005 09:07

I am a new pool owner and my water level drops about 1-2 inches every 3 weeks, is this normal or could I have a leak. I live in northern new jersey and the summertime weather is hot and humid. I also use a solar cover during the cooler periods and my filter runs about 10 hours a day.

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Missing Water....

Postby Cyber36 » Fri 23 Sep, 2005 11:50

Being a fellow pool owner, I can attest to water loss/evaporation over a peroid of time. This is a natural occurance so don't fret. Most people don't notice this occurance because during normal weather conditions, the evaporated water is replaced by rain water. Since we had more or less drought conditions this summer is why you noticed it.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby ThatPoolGuy » Tue 27 Sep, 2005 22:48

1" a week is normal. That includes evaporation, splashout, backwashing etc.

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