cracks in newly replastered pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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cracks in newly replastered pool

Postby froggie » Sun 25 Mar, 2007 20:04

We just had our pool replastered with grey plaster a month ago. We have noticed the steps and shallow end are all cracked - fine little lines that you can feel. The pool guy had tried to tell us this is normal - and that we wouldn't see these cracks if we had white plaster. But they are only in the shallow areas. And we did not expect to have all these cracks in a pool we just spent thousands of dollars to fix. Are we being scammed?


Postby Guest » Wed 28 Mar, 2007 20:12

sounds like the pool may have been filled with hoses instead of tanker trucks. hoses take too long to fill. check cracking or crazing can be a natural occurance and should not be considered a defect, your warranty probable states just that

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