Help Me I cant get the green out

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Help Me I cant get the green out

Postby rhondab » Tue 27 Mar, 2007 17:05

Ok where do i start. I have tried everything and i dont even want to mention the money i have spent. :( What eles do i say my pool is green. At first i used lots of shock and nothing happened. Then i went to the pool store and they sold me more shock and an algacide,( 40.00 dollars worth) and sold me some clear floc. I did what they said and still green. Then i found this website and read you could pour bleach into your pool, so i went out and bought 27 gallons of bleach, well still green, not as green, a milky blue green now but still green. what eles do i do. i have check my ph and it seems to be in the right range. but even after all the shock and all the bleach my free chlorine is low. I'm thinking of just draining it but my husband says no. please help

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Postby Demons1964 » Wed 28 Mar, 2007 06:55

Can you post the following results from your pool:

Cyanuric acid
Your exact pH
Free Chlorine
Total Chlorine/Combined Chlorine

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