Help! Advice?

Adding chemicals, vacuuming, backwashing,
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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Help! Advice?

Postby CrabbyMom » Sat 24 Sep, 2005 17:47

We have had our pool for just at a year. The pool takes more maintenance then I expected. We have several friends and neighbors with pools and I've never seen or heard about them doing things to their pool as often as we do. We got a salt system because the pool comany said it would take less care. They also mentioned that it would keep our kids hair from turning green. Well, they all turned green this summer. We find the union screen filter CAKED with stuff daily. Not to mention the fact that our chemical balance is ALWAYS off. We have added chlorine several times, stabilizer, muratic acid, etc. It just seems like it is never "right". Any advice out there?

Fun Pool

Easy pool maintenance

Postby Fun Pool » Tue 27 Dec, 2005 13:00

I've been using the Pool Wizard I ordered online from Pool Wizard.

My pool has been beautiful and so easy to maintain since I put it in about a year ago. It has cut my maintenance time to a third and my chemical costs to about a quarter of what it was.

Postby handyman » Fri 10 Mar, 2006 12:19

With a salt system, you shouldn't have to add chlorine...simply adjust the setting to increase or decrease chlorine level. Salt pools do require addition of acid weekly. My 15,000 gallon pool takes 2 and 1/2 cups of dry acid weekly. Otherwise, chemical balance stays perfect.

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