Filter Tank lid

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Filter Tank lid

Postby Claudette » Sun 01 Apr, 2007 20:42

After firing my pool man I decided to clean the filter myself.
Everything went great until I tried to put the filter lid back on. It would not reseal. If the front was down the back was up.
I took the O ring to a pool supply & they said it was fine.
Someone suggested the lid maybe warped is this possible?
The filter is a HaywardMicro Clean D.E. Filter about 7 years old.
Thanks for any help.

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby gwgardner » Sat 14 Apr, 2007 17:57

I have a Hayward cartridge filter system. Don't know for sure, but it sounds like yours closes the same as mine. I seat the o-ring, then place the lid (or top half) of the filter housing on top of the o-ring. Then there is a circular metal clamp-ring that has to be tightened around the whole thing.

What I do is let the top part sit down on the o-ring, canted like you mentioned it does. Then I fit the clamp around it all and start tightening. It's the tightening of the metal ring-clamp that forces the lid down uniformly.

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