Opening pool - water leak into pool over winter

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Opening pool - water leak into pool over winter

Postby Jeff » Fri 08 Apr, 2005 20:20

The snow has finally melted off our inground pool this week, however the water level on the cover is the highest in five years and has leaked into the pool. There is water where the skimmer basket goes and it is medium green colour. Normally we do not open the pool until the end of May, but due to this problem should we open it ealier and try and shock etc before the tempature warms up or??

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Postby Larry » Sun 10 Apr, 2005 17:05

It is advisable to shock treat a pool in spring at the first sign of algae growth. The green you describe is probably algae so I would recommend opening the pool now. It is relatively easy to control or destroy algae in its early stages, especially when the weather is still cool and the water cold.

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