Poor Suction

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Poor Suction

Postby MsLore » Mon 02 Apr, 2007 14:49

I have an in ground pool. I have replaced filters and pump and still I have poor suction from within the skimmer where the hose is connected. When I try to release air pressure in the filters, there is no or little pressure to shoot out the water.

How can I blow out my line? Please help me! :(

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Postby twain220 » Sat 05 May, 2007 08:59

Several things you can do...generally the line can only be unclogged from the reverse direction in which it was clogged, ie sending pressure to the skimmer from the pump...u can use a CO2 tank with a tennis ball to do that or call the roto-rooter dude.

A lil trick is to place a vac plate in the skimmer and go to the pump and close the main drain and let pressure build up in the skimmer line...'pop' the line by opening and closing the main drain to see if the debris is freed...

Don't vacuum without a vac plate from now on...

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