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Postby SA Swimmer » Thu 05 Apr, 2007 07:26

Hi, hoping someone can give some ideas! I've done a lot of reading and am no closer to a solution to my leak.

Concrete pool 9 yrs old:
1 return outlet
skimmer box
Handle thingy to control backwash, waste etc - recently replaced washer ("wagon wheel") and handle (can't remember what this is called)
Mystery drain at the bottom of the pool, approx 2 inch diameter
(Sorry, we work in Metric here so guessing)
No switch for "drain"
1 sand filter
no visible water leaks anywhere. I've looked all around to see where that drain on the bottom of the pool has it's other side, and even called the people who owned the house when the pool was built - no idea where it comes out.

Solar heating (if there was a leak here, we would see it coming down the drainpipe right by the swimming pool. Also we can see all the panels, and would notice a leak of this significance)
Average temp 27 degrees C, air temp 26-30 degrees C.
The water loss is significantly more than usual for this time of year.

Pool was leaking 1" a day (2 1/2 x usual for this time of year). Filter on or off, same amount of leaking, and we were losing 1" overnight also, when temps are cooler and the wind is less.

We emptied the pool to just below the level of the skimmer box, and filled the skimmer box with water. No water level drop inside the skimmer box, but still leaking on the pool side, the water loss then reduced to 1/2" per day.

We took the light out, no obvious leaks or cracks. We've investigated all round the light, the return outlet and the skimmer box. No apparent leaks anywhere, or anywhere around the pump and filter.

Kreepy is working 100%, suction is strong.

One thing that I've noticed all over my pool (which has a charcoal finish, not white) is that there are little white deposits almost like stalictights, calcium deposits that run a little way "down" towards the bottom of the pool. There are quite a few of these, as if they are being "pushed" from outside the pool to the inside, if you understand my explanation. No idea if these indicate many little leaks or if they are normal. Maybe just more noticeable because of the dark finish.

Once the water level got below the first step, it seems to have stopped. It is now 1/2" below the skimmer box, and still above the light and water inlet. It's nearly 3" below the level of the tiles.
I haven't tried the dye test.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what to try now?

ps. Proudly South African - Kreepy Krawly's were invented by a South African :)

SA Swimmer

More info

Postby SA Swimmer » Thu 05 Apr, 2007 07:30

Omitted pool size - 6 x 3m

Leak solved - hope this helps someone

Postby Guest » Fri 02 Nov, 2007 07:31

The leak turned out to be the light - where the cable goes out of the back of the light housing, all that was needed was to put underwater putty around the joint.
It was amazing how much water the pool was leaking - 1 inch every 12 hours, and no sign of dampness anywhere - turns out the water was leaking straight down the outside of the pool which is why we never saw it.
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I'm new here
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Postby wethead » Tue 20 Nov, 2007 05:27

Besides putty they now also make these great little rubber gromets as well , just thought you might want to know that
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Postby Guest » Wed 21 Nov, 2007 03:28

Emerkit is good, for underwater putty but you might find that 24 months down the track, you'll have the same problem. My advice would be using Sicaflex. Its a strong material, similar to silicone. It'll hold till the rapture and isn't very expensive.

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