3m quartz plaster

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mad al

3m quartz plaster

Postby mad al » Thu 05 Apr, 2007 22:20

my pool to is 3m color quartz it look very blotchy and in the shallow end of the pool it look as if the quartz is comeing of.The pool rep said it is calcium building up,but my calcium levels are fine.So he had me add 5 gallons of acid,he said this would loosen it up and to keep brushing it.I called a local pool supply co and they have never heard of this.the pool rep said they would be out on monday if nothing has chainged they would have 3m reps out. SO STRESSED DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!

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Postby dynamictiger » Fri 06 Apr, 2007 01:18

I would try the 3m advice. It is their product and their recommendation no other person should dispute it as the other party then assumes responsibility for the 3m product.


3M Quartz

Postby GigiAlex » Fri 27 Jul, 2007 16:46

I am having the same problem with my pool. The 3M rep is useless and said that he can't come out for two months. To top it off, our pool company is out of business so I am trying to get the plaster subcontractor to help me which is a nightmare in and of itself!!!! We have tried acid and have tried brushing none of which has worked. We are so frustrated at this point!!!!
desert girl

3M pool finish

Postby desert girl » Sun 05 Aug, 2007 02:39

We're about to get a pool, with a reputable company. They don't sell a lot of the 3M product, and have no samples but gave us the 3M website. I really want a smooth finish, not blotchy in color or rough in texture. One of the pool reps let slip that they had trouble where the color crystals clumped together and made a blotchy, uneven look. I'm wondering, should we just go for a plaster finish instead????? I really don't want the pebble tec rough surface that is popular here now. Any advice?

Postby Guest » Tue 07 Aug, 2007 16:46

ask your plasterer to NOT expose the quartz. NO acid wash. just trowel and fill. this will keep it smooth but your quartz won't be as pronounced. as for the blotchy finish, make sure each batch is mixed for at least 6 minutes before being pumped
forrest gump

Postby forrest gump » Sat 13 Oct, 2007 11:36

Pool user is absolutely right. Color quartz is garbage and as a service tech for a plaster company it's my worst nightmare. Worse than colored plaster. I'm not too familiar with diamond bright because we unfortunately use 3m but it's something I'm looking into. Always check out a pool that has the surface you're thinking of using. A 3 inch by 3 inch sample coupon perfectly manicured is far from what the finished product actually looks like. Especially after a couple years of chemical abuse.
Norman Tyree

3m quartz plaster

Postby Norman Tyree » Tue 18 Jan, 2011 15:03

Ok lets get to the basics. All cement has a shelf life and these packaged Pool Plasters by the time they reach your pool to be applied are past the use by date (3 months)
The product I have developed over the last 12 years is 100% quartz (some coloured) no oxides to fade) my secret is the cement is added on site.
To get the nice exsposed look we add acid and keep the water ciculation a submercible pump is the best.
have a look on my website

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