alge leaves debris where do i start

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alge leaves debris where do i start

Postby lukecarolina » Thu 05 Apr, 2007 22:47

bought a house last summer with a 13000 gl inground pool. kept it up until the winter and then just forgot about it. well now it has a ton of leaves (i'm assuming) since the water is just green and cant see all the way to the bottom. :arrow: i want to get it clean economically, now where do I start :?:

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Postby dynamictiger » Fri 06 Apr, 2007 01:22

If you are convinced there is debris in the bottom start by scooping the bottom blind. Do it twice and you should get most of the large stuff.

Then give it a huge chlorine shock and run the plant for 24 hours. I suggest about 20 ppm should be sufficient to start.

When the water is clear enough you can see the debris on the bottom you didn't get, scoop them out. Then shock again to about 10 ppm.

Then take your water to a shop or balance it however you do that.



Postby lukecarolina » Sat 07 Apr, 2007 11:11

great advice but can i use bleach to get the clorine up to 20ppm and how much do i need for a 13000 gl pool

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