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green water

Postby rosa » Mon 03 Oct, 2005 05:12

Hey there! We moved into this house because it has a great 30k gal pool. When we saw the house we fell in loved, the water was so tourqouis blue and clear we made an offer the same day. With in 1 week the pool started turning a light pea green, didn't think anything of it shocked it with 2lbs of powder shock, didn't work so i began to increase the lbs. now i shock it once a week with up to 5lbs. I hired a professional to began maintenace l because it got out of hand--pool water very dark green, scary!!! an acid wash was done ,and i had a company come over and trouble shoot the system check and states the motor, DE filter, filters ect all look good with the exception of 3 grits that were replaced .Weekly the water is serviceneed he checks water ph's, ect.... the water looks good however we are going on 4 months with cloudy pea green water . My children ask everyday "is the pool ready now!", summer has come and is about to go and my pool has had everything added. I have tried clarifier, shock, conditoner, algeacide, yellow out .. and all the stuff the pool man put in. I don't know why this water remains cloudy, infact the 2 skimmers don't have very good suction. I put the vaccum in the pool and it lifts a white powdery residue from the bottom even when trying to stroke the hand held vaccum back and forth. I know some of its being suck up because i can see it through the motors clear top. I need helppp!


Cloudy Water

Postby DiscountPoolWarehouse » Thu 10 Nov, 2005 16:50


Sounds like you are about to pull your hair out!! You may have multiple problems going on. First and most importantly if you have a backwash valve on your filter there may be a problem with the gasket or the valve mechinisim. You also may have grid and or grid manifold problems. You may also have a phosphate problem.

If you can supply me with some additional information I will be glad to help you try to solve your problem. What type of sanitizer do you use? Chlorine tablets or a salt generator? Do you have a backwash valve on the filter? How old is your filter? If you like you can e-mail me directly at I will be happy to assist you.


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