Doughboy Silica II filter specs

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Doughboy Silica II filter specs

Postby was1103 » Thu 12 Apr, 2007 00:00

Does anyone know or can tell me where to find the specs for this filter? Such as what size pump is required in h/power and / or gph?

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Postby dynamictiger » Thu 12 Apr, 2007 17:00

I don't know this filter.

However to derive the flow rate:

Measure the filter at the shoulder across, typical sizes are 24,25,28 or 30 inches.

Let me know what it is and I'll calculate a minimum flow rate for you and backwash flowrate.
doughboy pool vetern

silica II filter

Postby doughboy pool vetern » Wed 25 Apr, 2007 20:54

The Silica II filter is still available from Doughboy Pools. This filter uses 130lbs. #20 crystal silica sand depending on the size pump/motor this filter will turn approx. 45 GPM. [/i]

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