pressure and filter woes

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pressure and filter woes

Postby chichihoutx » Mon 03 Oct, 2005 23:10

This was my second summer as a pool owner. This year I have had a horrible problem with keeping the filter clean and keeping the pressure down. Last year I only had to clean the filters two or three times through the whole year. This year I have had to have it done countless times. My pool guy usually just hoses it down and it's back to appr. 17 psi. The time before last, my pool guy did an acid wash and did discover a lot of oil in it, and the pressure took six weeks (yippee!) that time to climb back up, but when he came out last time and washed it, it has only been a week and it is already back up to 25-26 psi, practically back to where we started. Also, last year the normal pressure was under 20 and now the normal pressure I'm operating with has become high 20s. Any suggestions? My guy thinks my filters still look fine, no fraying, pleats and bands still intact.


Postby Guest » Wed 10 May, 2006 09:02

pressure wash it at carwash it helped mine

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