20x40 in ground vinyl liner

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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20x40 in ground vinyl liner

Postby ccrb » Sun 15 Apr, 2007 16:52

three corners are tearing loose after only 6 years with this liner. I'm tempted to blame the people who installed it, but I'm wondering about a repair I might pull off.

If I drain a foot of water from the pool, and slice the stretched/tearing liner down to where it is still against the wall, can I just put in a V-shaped patched with leftover liner material they cut out when they went around the steps?

Seems to me, if I do this right, I'll end the stretching and tearing.

Anybody done this?

The adhesive I use is Bulldog, but is that the best for such a project as this?

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