new here and in the market for a heat pump

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new here and in the market for a heat pump

Postby conceptvip » Tue 17 Apr, 2007 19:36

Hey every one first post here, I am in the market for a above ground heat pump for a 18,000 gal pool. I have my focus on the aqua pro 600 because its cheap and has a long warranty. I do have a solar cover on the pool when not in use. My concerns are I live in northern Illinois and night time temps are around 65-70 and not sure if the heater will perform well with that.
If any one has some input if I am moving the right direction towards this model or should i look for a larger unit. thanks

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Postby dynamictiger » Wed 18 Apr, 2007 18:21

A heat pump should work okay at those temperatures. Look speicifically at the COP and what temperature the COP is measured at. recently I have come across a company that measures COP at 65 degrees and this would be ideal for you, just wrong country unfortunately.


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