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pappy of a poppy pool

pool came up

Postby pappy of a poppy pool » Sat 21 Apr, 2007 02:12

last year my inground pool popped up in one corner, it had a lot of water, about 3/4 full but it still floated. Home insurance (Safeco)denied coverage and estimated it at a 58,000.00 loss. Can't afford to fix it. I do want to try save it and I'm thinking that I will rent a back hoe and dig around the corner of the raised area. I then thought that I could remove the settled material, either by hydro blastin the dirt, then pumping it out. Or by just removing as much as I can by hand. If I could clear the mound of material, I thought I would slowly fill the pool in hopes that it would settle down and then reconnect the broke plumbing compact the soil and see what happens. Any feed back on this idea.

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