Water coming from waste pipe

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Water coming from waste pipe

Postby Frazzled » Mon 23 Apr, 2007 13:10

We just recently purchased a house with an inground pool. This is the first pool we've owned and know nothing about pool maintenance or upkeep. The previous owner walked us through the "backwash, rinse, filter" process before he left and told us to turn the power off once a week and perform these things. When we moved in, the pool was completely green with algae and was saturated with leaves. We scooped up the leaves from the water and cleaned the skimmer basket (by the pool), which was completely full of leaves. We then opened the filter basket (in the pool house beside the big round thing, pump?) and cleaned all the leaves from there. When we started everything back up, the jets were not blowing. So, we put water where the filter is and it finally caught and started working. But once it turns off at night and then kicks back on in the morning, you have to put water back in the filter again to make it all work. After doing this a couple of times, we noticed that we were losing quite a bit of water from the pool and finally found that the water was coming from the waste line behind the pump house (at least I am told that this pipe is the waste line). We have just turned the pump (filter) off all together at this point until we can find out what is wrong. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Postby dynamictiger » Tue 24 Apr, 2007 18:03

Sorry to hear you have a pool in this shape.

First could I suggest you try another two backwashes in a row. Sometimes the change plate gets a bit of muck under it and does not close properly. Then check for water coming out of the waste pipe.

If water continues to flow you need to change the gasket or valve as one is compromised. The gasket is located inside the valve that you change from filter to backwash. To get to it, you undo the screws holding the top plate on and the whole assembly lifts out.

As for the constant reprime of the hair and lint pot, this is probably being caused by the automatic airbleed in the filter being blocked. This is consistent with the pool as you describe it. This can be very difficult on most valves to find. It is usually easier to fit a check valve between the pump and filter.


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