taking care of a gunite pool

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taking care of a gunite pool

Postby nub » Wed 12 Oct, 2005 13:48

we're putting in a gunite pool and people always say 'gunite is harder to care for'. in what way(s) is gunite hard to care for? more cleaning/vacuming? more sensitive chem balance? what is it that it's harder to care for?

Pool Helper

Gunite pool care

Postby Pool Helper » Thu 19 Jan, 2006 15:01

Gunite pools are more prone to algae growth as the surface provides a perfect substrate for the alga to stick on.

Providing the pool water is balanced, gunite is not really any more difficult to mainatin than any other pool. But it is unforgiving - if you do neglect the pool water and alga takes hold, then it can be fun and games to get rid of all the algae. Under these circumstances the pool requires frequent extra brushing that a liner pool would only need once.

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