underground pool-skimmer pipe is blocked-how to unblock it?

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underground pool-skimmer pipe is blocked-how to unblock it?

Postby Alternative Joe » Thu 08 May, 2014 23:45

The "pro" fixed my clogged line using a high pressure (3000 PSI rated) CO2 tank, a 6' hose, and a blowout bag. There's no regulator, not even a pressure gauge, and it was about 80 degrees so this rig was giving about 1000 PSI. He put the bag in at the pump so as to reverse flush out through the skimmer. He then carefully opened the valve, resulting in a fountain of water and debris about 50' high shooting out of the skimmer. This was repeated several times. The blowout bag would freeze in the pipe so we waited a few minutes between shots. Problem was solved in about 15 minutes.

I dunno if I want to try this myself because the pressure involved is enough to explode the PVC piping, but the equipment necessary can be found at welding supply and home depot type stores.


underground pool-skimmer pipe is blocked-how to unblock it?

Postby Dammit! » Sun 27 Jul, 2014 15:13

I'm having a sucion issue with my skimmer line. Even when I have the pump in filter mode there's no circulation in the skimmer. I have had this issue before (2 years ago) and I used a power washer to clear any blockage. I tried that yesterday and it didnt work :( . And I'm not sure which value is which; since the skimmer isnt working I cant figure that out quit yet.... I'm not sure if I have a blockage or what. Any suggestions? :shifty:

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