bubbles and wrinkles in new liner

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pool guy89

bubbles and wrinkles in new liner

Postby pool guy89 » Sat 30 Jul, 2011 11:07

just read the post above mine, never ever put in a hydrostatic valve in your maindrain. these are made specifically for concrete pools. every pool i do a liner replacement on i remove the hydrostatic. debris gets caught on the gasket causing the hydrostatic not to close properly, therefore your pool is constantly be losing water


bubbles and wrinkles in new liner

Postby peaches » Thu 08 Sep, 2011 11:32

Had same problem twice. Pool liner was to big

New Wrinkles in Liner

Postby Tisbury » Wed 23 May, 2012 19:38

Hello everyone! We bought our first house together in October of 2011. The 20x50 pool had already been closed for the winter so our first opportunity to swim in it was this April when we had it professionally opened. Everything was absolutely perfect until I started to notice that I could not keep my pool at the correct level and, with the help of above mentioned professionals, we found a leak behind the main LED. I drained the water about 3 feet in order to gain access to the lamp, smothered the entire hole with silicone, and then filled the pool back up a couple of days later once the silicone had dried.
Now, after draining the water, there are a couple 4-5 foot long wrinkles in the liner in the shallow end. I thought the water pressure after filling the pool would press down enough on the edges to stretch them out, but I guess that was naive of me. Of course my hose has been filling the pool back up for about 30 hours straight now and the wrinkles are still there.
What would be the easiest way to get the wrinkles out without draining the water... again...
Please tell me there's another way. Everything else works great, and I have a huge Memorial Day party this weekend so I don't want to drain and start over right now.
If I have to drain the pool, can I wait until after this weekend? Or will the wrinkles pretty much set by then?

Thank you all so much for your help, I really do appreciate your time. :)

Best Regards,


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