Pure & Clear low salt light

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Pure & Clear low salt light

Postby aGrandma » Sun 29 Apr, 2007 21:09

I have an in-ground pool 3 years old which has the Pure & Clear salt chlorination system mounted on the wall inside the pool. The past 3 years it's worked GREAT until now. The low salt light remains on and it doesn't make chlorine. When I press the "test" button, the light for low chlorine blinks and the light to show chlorine is being created comes on just for a few seconds, then turns off. I know there is plenty of salt in the water.
The Pure & Clear system is non-existent now and it was bought out by Polaris. I was told I can't even buy parts for it anymore.
I have never replaced the cell, but I read that replacing a cell costs several hundred dollars!
I don't know what to do - does anyone have any advice for me? Should I just start pouring liquid chlorine in the pool? Can my Pure & Clear system be saved? Should I call a repair person? I don't even know anyone to call, I've taken care of my pool myself.
Could it be an electrical problem?
I've cleaned the cell, so that's not the problem.
Advice, please? Thanks!!

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Postby dynamictiger » Mon 30 Apr, 2007 15:38

Have you tested the salt level in the pool? Get this tested and see where it sits against the recommended levels.


Postby aGrandma » Wed 02 May, 2007 22:53

I took a bottle of pool water to my local pool supply store and they tested all chemicals and minerals in my water and it is 100% perfect - no changes needed. There is the correct amount of salt. (I wish it were as easy as that!)
Any other ideas/advice?

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