Pump wiring question. Help needed!

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Pump wiring question. Help needed!

Postby oldtiredandpoor » Mon 30 Apr, 2007 15:36

Pump wiring question. Help needed!

I was hoping someone with more experience can steer me in the correct direction with my pool project. On our pool we have a water slide that has a pump that gushes water down the slide. Everyone loves the slide but once you turn it on the noise from the rushing water becomes obnoxious and it is difficult to keep turning it on and off as people decide to use it. My solution is to place an air switch (for safety) at the slide steps that will activate a single shot time delay relay that will turn the slide on for x amount of time then shut itself off. This method allows people to enjoy the slide but eliminates the noise when not being used. I have no problem creating the circuitry that when activated closes the relay for a specified amount of time, my problem is I am not sure what to use to interrupt the slide pump motor. My circuit relay can throw a larger relay, however should I just interrupt 1 leg of 208 volt power to the motor or do I need to interrupt both legs?

Any suggestions on what relay to use? Anyone have better ideas?

All help and thoughts are greatly appreciated.



Postby chrisinspring » Tue 01 May, 2007 18:14

sounds like you need a len gordon.

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