from green to milky

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from green to milky

Postby welcome2mygenepool » Mon 30 Apr, 2007 19:40

OK, like everyone else on here I need help-NOW! (haha)

My son's birthday is in 3 days, and the only thing he wants is to be able to swim. We've been working on the pool for 2 weeks straight now, every single day. Had the water tested 4 times, and everything is in balance (with one small exception that I will tell you about in a minute). I have a 15X30 above ground pool (obviously a vinyl liner), with a cartridge filter.

Started out with a sess-pool of green nasty water. Yes, we are horrible horrible people who shouldn't own a pool, I know. But we do. Anywho- was told to bring up the alkalinity. Did that- Check! We have shocked and awed the heck out of the darn thing, because after a few bags here and a few bags there, nothng was changing. Added a few bottles of algaecide at the same time (the kind that kills all 3 types). Done- another check mark. Brushed pool for the hundredth time. Woo-hoo...the water started to change! Waited a little bit and vaccumed.

Thought we were finally getting somewhere, but alas, we had a whole new problem with about a million solutions (ha! no pun intended there!) Had the water tested again, and this is when all levels were within "normal" range, other then the chlorine. They should be 2-4 ppm, and they were 6. Added clarifier, not seeing a difference. Sat my pride down, had a talk with it, and we agreed we need help.

This is where you come in! :wink:

Thanks in advance!!!

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Postby dynamictiger » Tue 01 May, 2007 17:51

Most likely you have halfway got there.

Try this:

Add enough chlorine to achieve 15 ppm or thereabouts

Add about 2 pints of acid wait 4 hours and test pH. Adjust as required to a pH of about 7.2

Run the filter until the water comes clear 24 hours a day

Postby chrisinspring » Tue 01 May, 2007 18:39

Considering it an above ground pool with most likely under size equip clean the filter every day and run 24/7

was green, now cloudy

Postby welcome2mygenepool » Wed 02 May, 2007 15:44

as far as the undersized equipment, I'm not sure. It's a jacuzzi 120 filter. I was told by the place that sold me the pool that it was a 13,000 gal. pool, but my local pool place says it's about 10,500. Either way, I have been running the filter constantly during this 2 week span. Thanks for the advice though! At this point, I'm open to just about anything! [/quote]

was green, now cloudy

Postby welcome2mygenepool » Wed 02 May, 2007 15:47


Not to sound ignorant, which I'm about to anyway, what kind of acid? Muratic??

FYI- I cleaned my brand new filter yesterday, and found it was coated with what I'm assuming was shock that didn't dissolve properly. Cleaned filter, ran continuously, and am about ready to clean it again.

Thanks for the advice!

Postby chrisinspring » Wed 02 May, 2007 17:01

Ok, your filter and the pool size is fine. Clean the filter and re clean. Also, what is the pool water chem levels now.

Postby chrisinspring » Wed 02 May, 2007 17:08

Btw, how old is your filter cartridge? It may be time for a new one. What about the air bleeder, inside the filter. Sometimes they come off. Keep in mind that Jacuzzi is based in Canada and getting parts can take time, for cartridge and or bleeder sock might be in stock at your local pool store.

Postby chrisinspring » Wed 02 May, 2007 17:10

BTW, Muratic acid is what I use.

was green, now milky

Postby welcome2mygenepool » Sat 05 May, 2007 13:56

Well, birthday came and passed, and the pool was still not clear. I broke out the $10 kiddie pool instead. Oh well. He had fun anyway!

I just replaced the filter last weekend because I thought that might be the problem. I have noticed that if I turn the filter off for extended periods, the pool seems to clear up a little bit. Not sure what that's about. Perhaps my next question could be the answer!

Air bleeder?? I have no idea what that is. I feel like such a dolt! The people that came out to set up our pool were not very informative. They didn't even set up our ladder properly. I've complained.

Thanks again for all your help!
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Postby twain220 » Mon 07 May, 2007 13:50

next time you're in a hurry, add some yellow out with your shock to kill everything in a hurry...vacuum. add some 'drop out' and kill the pump for 24 hours and vacuum...

with balanced water and proper filtration, your pool should remain clear...

Do you add shock to your skimmer? If so, don't...dissolve in a bucket of water and avoid granules on the liner...

Invest in a taylor test kit...that's your first step toward independence...

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