Polaris 280 + Hayward 5060 setup

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Polaris 280 + Hayward 5060 setup

Postby WaterBoy32 » Mon 30 Apr, 2007 21:55

Need some best suggestions on how to set this up. Bought a polaris 280 and a hayward booster pump 5060. The polaris 280 is advertised to work independently of the current pool system and requires a booster pump. The hayward 5060 is advertised to work with the polaris 280, so I figured I was set and would have a great pressure cleaning system.

I want to be able to pull out the pump, connect the cleaner, and throw it in when it needs cleaning and not have to cut into our current pipes, etc and hire a plumber, electrician, etc to install the booster.

So I got the hayward wired up. Went through the instructions for both pieces over and over trying to figure this out, which the documentation is little to none to begin with but almost nothing about doing it like I want which I thought it was designed to work "independently."

Took a short water hose from outside water spicket and connected it to the middle hole on the booster pump. Connected the line from the polaris to the top hole on the booster. Put it in the water and it took off. It cleaned decently around the deep end of the pool, went a little up the walls, mostly in circles. I tried adjusting it some but couldn't really give it a long time to work because the pump starts to get very hot and the water hose gets sucked in like theres not enough water pressure to feed the booster. UGH??? Is this right, is normal house water pressure not enough to feed a "booster" pump. Am I know stuck with hiring someone to install it into my pool system or am I just doing something totally wrong?

Any help is appriciated, thanks.


Postby chrisinspring » Tue 01 May, 2007 17:39

It's to be plumbed into the pool system, after the filter. HUGE QUESTION.....did you have a previous pressure/suction sided pool cleaner with it's own return line located on the pool wall? If not, then you bought the wrong cleaner and should have gone with something like an Aquabot or cheap kreepy krauly.

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